A Day at the Office

Many years ago when my kids were young and in grade school, one of my daughters had a “Take Your Child to Work Day.” The idea was for a parent to take their child to their workplace and show them what we did for a living, and answer any questions they may have.

As a Mortgage Broker, I decided to approach the assignment a little differently, by giving my daughter some “real life” examples. So instead of taking her to a boring office to watch papers being shuffled, I instead put her in my car and drove her around the neighborhood. I pointed out various homes that I had helped people purchase or refinance. I made sure not to point out homes of people she knew or mention any names, just to keep things confidential.

As we drove around and she asked me the types of questions kids ask, it occurred to me that I was getting as much out of this assignment as she was. I felt proud of helping various people in my community purchase a home and realize the American dream, particularly for those who really needed some expertise to make it happen. And I thought of others who were in some financial trouble that I was able to help consolidate their debt, who undoubtedly still lived in those homes because of what I did.

Sometimes when we try to teach our kids a lesson, we learn a little bit about ourselves as well. I guess you can say, it turned out to be a real learning experience for both of us.

Author: Lester Bleich, NYS Licensed MLO, NMLS #152252

My name is Lester Bleich. I am a New York State Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS #152252. As a mortgage finance specialist since 1987, I have been privileged to have helped well over 1000 homeowners with their home mortgage financing.

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