Investing in Real Estate, Yes, You Can Do It!

Investing in real estate is one of the oldest and most profitable ways to make a good part or full time income, you just need a strategy.

If you’re thinking about investing in real estate to make money, you need to first determine your financial goals. Do you need to make money quickly, invest for your children’s college fund, or build wealth for your retirement? Once you determine your financial goals, you need to decide which type of investing strategy works for you.

Investing in Real Estate – A Simple Way to Get Started if You Need Fast Cash

If you’re low on cash, get started by finding a bargain house and selling the contract to another real estate investor. Join a real estate investing club to find investors willing to pay you for finding good deals. Start slowly and make some money first to get your feet wet. The big deals will come further down the road.

Investing in Real Estate – Income Property Strategy

If you want to increase your monthly income, look for income property that returns a positive net income from month to month. Start with single family house. Look for a bargain below market value. Fix up the house to generate top rental income. Find houses that will rent for more than your mortgage payment. You may need to go out of your home area to a location that supports this type of return on your money.

You can’t pay $300,000 for a home with a mortgage of $1,500 that only rents for $1,000. You might start with a home for around $300,000 that rents for $1,750. You will need good credit to get a loan with good interest rates. In a few years, your rental income should go up. Many real estate investors enjoy thousands of dollars each month generated by income property. Check out our Renovation Financing Program to buy and fix up a home all in one loan.

Some investors don’t like dealing with tenants and prefer to make money in other real estate ventures.

Investing in Real Estate – Investment Property Strategy

If you want to make money focusing on profits, investment property offers a different strategy. Instead of worrying about rental income, look for property that you can transform and sell, or property that will appreciate significantly over time. Besides fixing a house up, you can transform a property by changing it. For example, some investors buy apartment buildings and turn them into condominiums. Many investors speculate in land and make money by holding the land until new development in the area increases the value.

Examine your financial situation along with your long term goals. You can get started by flipping properties, move onto income properties, and then make larger profits with investment properties. You might end up using a combination of all three strategies to make money investing in real estate.

Investing in Real Estate – The Most Important Part – Financing

Find a good mortgage professional that you can work with on your long term goals. Together, you can make your real estate strategy a winning strategy that will bring you great profits and great satisfaction. Feel free to contact me anytime, I’m here to help.

Author: Lester Bleich, NYS Licensed MLO, NMLS #152252

My name is Lester Bleich. I am a New York State Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS #152252. As a mortgage finance specialist since 1987, I have been privileged to have helped well over 1000 homeowners with their home mortgage financing.

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